Bruhn & Bruhn Fire Protection has provided licensed commercial Fire Protection Services in Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky since 1987. Our certified Fire Protection Technicians take great pride in helping our customers have peace of mind that their assets and workers are protected while keeping their Fire Protection Systems up-to-date to meet code requirements. 


We have years of experience installing and servicing commercial fire protection systems and know exactly what needs to be done in order to protect your business. Contact us today to learn more!

Commercial Fire Protection 
System Design

A fire protection system design includes a detailed analysis of the building's layout, including all potential access points and egress routes. The system should be able to monitor smoke and heat levels within the structure, as well as provide emergency responders with accurate information about the location of fires. In addition, an effective fire protection system must include alarm systems that will notify external personnel (e.g., the fire department) when dangerous conditions are detected. If you need help designing your commercial fire protection system, call us!

Commercial Fire Sprinkler 
System Installation

Commercial fire sprinkler systems are an essential safety measure that should be installed in any business with a potential for fires. A commercial fire sprinkler system can help to protect people and property and quickly quench flames if they become uncontrolled. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your needs. We have years of experience working with different types of businesses, and we know how essential it is to have safe facilities that can protect both customers and employees alike!

Commercial Fire Sprinkler 
System Inspections

Are you in need of a professional service to inspect and test your commercial fire sprinkler systems? Our team inspects commercial fire sprinkler systems throughout Tennessee, Alabama, and Kentucky. We are certified professionals in the field, and we will help you diagnose any issues with your system. We also offer maintenance services that will keep your system running smoothly. Contact us today for more information!

Underground Installation of Commercial Fire Protection Systems

One of the benefits of using an underground installation is that it can protect your property even during emergencies. By installing this type of system beneath your building, it becomes nearly impossible for flames or smoke to reach the upper levels where people might be located. This ensures maximal safety for everyone involved - both during normal operations and during potential disasters. So if you're looking for dependable commercial fire protection services, call us today to schedule a free consultation!

COMMERICAL Fire Pump Installation

Fire pumps are essential for emergency situations, and a malfunctioning or destroyed one can lead to severe consequences. To ensure that your business is adequately protected in the event of a fire, it's essential to have an installed commercial fire pump. Our team of experienced professionals can provide you with the best possible service - from initial consultation through regular maintenance and repair services. We'll work hard to keep your business safe and operational during challenging times, so call us today!

Commercial Fire Protection System Backflow Device Testing & Repair

Commercial fire protection systems rely on backflow devices to prevent water, gas, and other fluid from entering the system. If these devices fail, dangerous situations can develop that could lead to severe injury or even death. That's why it is essential to have a reliable backflow device testing service in place. Our team of experts has years of experience testing commercial fire protection systems for potential failures. We will quickly identify any issues with your system and provide solutions so you can stay safe and protect your property. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation!

OUr Mission

Bruhn & Bruhn Fire Protection is committed to provide the safest and most reliable Fire Protection System to help protect our customers, their property and employees so they can continue to positively impact their community!
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